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Quality Discount Carburetors from Inco

Carburetors are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and remachined before reassembly. Every carburetor seal, gasket, needle valve, internal filter and accelerator pump diaphragm or cup is replaced with a new part meeting or exceeding OEM carburetor specifications. All worn metal carburetor parts are replaced or remachined to factory specifications. All bad floats, chokes, primary choke valves, TPS, M.C. solenoids and throttle valves are replaced. All carburetors are individually flow meter tested and adjusted to ensure quality.

Carburetors come with a limited factory warranty. Our carburetor rebuilders have a minimum of 20 years experience. This experience, combined with our use of new rebuilding parts and flow bench carburetor testing ensures you are getting a top-quality remanufactured carburetor. 

We have over 20,000 carburetors in stock covering 99% of the cars on the road today equipped with carburetors. Our carburetors are priced at about half the cost of most national brands. At INCO you get the best carburetor at the best price.

carburetor flow test bench
Carburetor Flow Test Bench
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